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One size does not fit all. That is why we provide three packages "Exterior," "Basic," & "Deluxe" for your window cleaning needs. When we come out to give you a bid we will give you a quote on each package. If you choose to clean with us more than once a year will give you a 15% discount. 


Soft washing is just another term for using power washing equipment properly. It is always best to use the lowest pressure possible to avoid damaging your home. To be able to properly clean a home without high pressure we use hot water to loosen dirt, deionized water to keep windows from getting hard-water spots, biodegradable soap to kill mildew, dissolve spider webs, and loosen dirt. Traditional pressure washing just removes the top layer of mildew and dirt leaving the spores behind.


If your window looks foggy or have white spatters all over it that just won't come off it is likely you have hard water. Rain can sometimes cause hard water but usually it is from sprinklers, or water running of your roof or deck. It can also appear if you pressure wash or spray down your with a hose without squeegeeing off the water within that day. We have experimented with many different methods and  products and have found a method that works almost every time. 

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