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Honest Communication

Due to a number of different circumstances, we have been operating with half the crew we normally have. Therefore we are not able to keep up with demand and are booked until February of 2023.

Until February 2023

  1.  We are prioritizing customers on a maintenance schedule followed by others we have cleaned before.

  2. If you are a new customer we will look at any request submitted for a bid and check back with you spring of 2023. 

After February 2023

  1. We will be hiring and training quality employees to not only meet but once again add new customers.

  2. We will have a custom-made website and client portal for customers to update their maintenance plan, check quotes, select services, schedule and reschedule appointments online, as well as manage and pay for invoices.

  3. We will have a dedicated textable phone number that notifications will come through. You will be able to respond to automatic notifications directly and even call this number and talk to us. 

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